"The most amazing trip!"

Tor, Roy and Even of Nordic Photo Tours went above and beyond! This was the most amazing trip and the photo ops surpassed my expectations. They are incredibly talented photographers who were always there to offer advice and guidance to the group. They brought us to simply beautiful locations day after day and night after night. They are truly professional in every aspect and extremely hard working. I am looking forward to booking another trip with them. Nordic Photo Tours is top notch!!!

— Debbie M.
Winter In Lofoten. March 2018

“Great teachers.”

I had the privilege of spending 7 days with these three trip guides in Lofoten. It was an amazing trip and Tor, Even and Roy are all really talented photographers, great teachers and all around great guys. Hardest working crew I have ever met - from before sun up to way after sun down. Accommodations were perfect. They know the area like the back of your hand and the logistics worked like a Swiss watch. I originally found them because I follow @eventyr - By the time the trip was over, I felt as if I was leaving three new found friends.

— David L.
Winter In Lofoten. March 2018

“Absolutely amazing!”

Tor and Roy are absolutely amazing! They meet you at the airport, and from there everything else that happens is magical. The guys really do go out of their way to make sure you have the BEST Nordic experience ever. We've visited more than 20 locations, and on each location, the guys help you compose and expose to get the perfect photograph. They don't ever seem to get tired and always ensure that you are there for the right moment. Sunsets, sunrises, and aurora borealis. They stay with you for as long as you need to capture that perfect photograph even if it means you stay out till 3am chasing the northern lights. The guys are quite knowledgeable in post-processing and are willing to share their secrets to make sure your photographs really POP. I can't emphasize how hard working they really are to make sure everything goes well. I'll highly recommend them for anyone of any level photography to join on. I know for sure I will be joining them at another workshop in 2019! If you are thinking about booking, just do it! Don't think twice.

— Yogi B.
Lofoten. September 2018

This was - by far - my best non-family vacation ever. 

The workshop has taken my landscape photography skills to a new level. For the first time, friends and family member are asking me for prints to put on their walls.

— Thomas F.
Iceland. October 2018